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Transforming India — The Book


I am pleased to note that my book, “Transforming India” is available. You will have to be the judge of the content. But I hope you will not judge the book by its cover or the quality of the print run. Due to a major snafu, the book comes up short in the quality of the production department. It is a costly mistake and I am partly responsible for not paying attention to that part of the job. Mea culpa. For now, I hope you do grab a copy and read it. (I will soon provide links on how to order it.) (See where to get it below.) With some luck, the second printing of the book will be fine. Thank you and keep in touch.

UPDATE: If you have bought a copy of the book (or ordered it and is in the mail), please let me know. A second printing of the book, with better production values, is in the works and should be ready in 10 days or so. The publisher would be happy to send you a copy of that absolutely free. Thanks and my apologies for the trouble.

You can order the book from the publisher New Horizon Media in Chennai. They will ship it to you within 24 hours.


  1. Atanu,

    I have bought your book, hopefully I should have it by today. And yes, I have already bought the humongous Breaking India, I am going to begin reading soon.

  2. Will the book be available in the US?

  3. Hi Atanu,

    I ordered it today, and a friend got it delivered just a couple of hours ago. Unfortunate that the production quality is not to your satisfaction. But hope that doesn’t keep people from buying it. Best wishes for the book.

    — Suresh

  4. Any chance of a ebook version?

  5. Him
    I placed the order just today morning. Will let you know when i receive it.

  6. Hi Atanu,

    I ordered the book on Flipkart today morning.

    The order ID is: OD10610080504.

    The shipping address is:
    S P Suresh
    Chennai Mathematical Institute, Plot H1, SIPCOT IT Park, Siruseri
    Chennai – 603103
    Tamil Nadu

    It is nice of you to offer to send the second printing. Thank you!

    — Suresh

  7. Mahesh CR:

    Yes, we are working on an ebook edition.


    Yes, it will be available in the US on Amazon and on Kindle.

  8. Atanu, do you want us to order now or may be wait for the 2nd print so that you don’t have to ship it twice?

    • Shyam,

      I would say that if you are going to buy the book anyway, you might as well order the 1st print now and get a free copy of the 2nd print in a couple of weeks. That way you end up with two copies for the price of one. Shipping costs are there of course but that is also being paid by the publisher.


  9. sir i have ordered the book on flipkart, but havent received it yet,
    how can i get the new print

  10. A great eBook I recently bought came from This is the only experience I have of them. Their Web site seemed pretty well-designed, without any hitches or unnecessary distractions coming in the way of the main process flow. (My experience was in the role of a book buyer, not that of an author.)


  11. Hi Atanu,

    All the best for your new book. I received my copy this morning and have flipped through a few of pages already. Looks very promising.

    It’s very kind of you and your publisher for arranging to ship a second copy of the book. I shall email you the details.

    Thanks and Regards

  12. Congratulations Atanu: kindle edition when?

  13. Atanu, Today I ordered the book on Flipkart. Should I ask them to send the new book instead of the old one?

    • Raghu,

      The 2nd printing will be ready within a couple of weeks. Therefore right now you can only get a copy of the first print. The offer of a free copy of the 2nd print to buyers of the book is made by the publisher, New Horizon Media. Please send me an email with your mailing address (Subject: Free Book Offer) to atanudey at

  14. I have ordered the book through New Horizon Media Pvt Ltd. The Order id is: #6120.

    thanks for offering the second copy.

  15. Atanu, I ordered few days back on Flipkart. Still waiting. Hope to get it tomorrow.

  16. Good news !! We can actually track the delivery on flipkart…. and my copy has arrived in Bangalore. So I will get it tomorrow – unless the delivery guy has a holiday on Saturday.

  17. Congrats Atanu!! I can’t wait to get my hands on the book. I have ordered it. I am planning to order some more and distribute to my friends. I can guess the contents and I think many around me would surely need the book!! 😉

  18. Any publisher book shop in Auckland where i can buy this

  19. Hi Atanu

    I have placed the order today through Flipkart. They will deliver it after 10 days. Will that be the new version or old one?


  20. Hi Atanu,
    I just received the book, can’t wait to read it! :)
    I ordered mine from Flipkart, published by Oxygen Books a division of New Horizon Media…and the quality ain’t as bad as you made it out to be…looks pretty good :)
    Anyway, keep writing.

  21. Fascinating book. Makes you think.Hope millions of Indians read it and bring about the changes the book talks about.

  22. Atanu, there is a slight problem with the presentation (typing) – particularly in the prologue…. but its nothing major. Dont think you should be giving a free new copy for something like that. Its the ideas contained in the book that count. Not whether it looks pretty or not.

  23. Atanu,

    I have ordered your book from on 10th June.

    Please do the needful.


  24. Congratulations. Amazing book.

  25. I received the book from Flipkart. Presentation and printing is fine. I will try to post some detailed review later. I was disappointed with the absence of any sort of bibliography or citations (what that deliberative?) Also, perhaps due to the small size of the book, the presentation on certain topics like poverty eradication, development or literacy was perhaps inadequate and could have been more extensive. Did we fail in our development efforts, only because we didn’t pursue the South Korean model? You could have elaborated more on such topics. Also corruption and black money deserve more elaboration. With so much debate on PDS (food security act framed by the notorious NAC, public sector, agriculture – lone waivers and NREGA) – perhaps as a reader I expected your take on these subjects too. Maybe your target readership was a bit different

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