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Temporary Post: Calling Oldtimer


This is a temporary post. I will delete it as soon as it serves the purpose. Dear Mr Oldtimer: Please reply to the comment by Rajkamal on the post Open Thread: Comment Policy. Mr Rajkamal charges that I am adding comments under the pseudonym “Oldtimer”. Please do show that you are a real person. Thank you.


  1. not too sure this rajkamal or whoever he is deserves this kinda respect.
    ignore this moron..
    he is on kaangress payroll.. after every comment he goes and thoks a salaam at his almighty goddess :)

  2. I tried to send my kind regards to Rajkamal, but the email is bouncing. Are they calling a strike at JNU?

  3. The point is, you still cannot prove that Atanu and Oldtimer aren’t the same person! :) We need crypto certificates.

  4. I sent mail to and it bounced. So this rajkamal guy is a troll. The comments he or she has already made stands but any other comments by rajkamal or anyone supporting rajkamal anonymously I will delete.

    Good riddance of bad rubbish.

  5. this is to be deleted of course :)

    nice to see all’s well in chaddiland again.
    but how did oldtimer get my “jnu address”? :)

  6. I think this ancient Internet adage says it all:

  7. all’s well in lal-chadi land dear ? :)

  8. Atanu,

    I really dont think Rajkamal deserves so much respect. These jhollawallahs are good at discrediting a carefully put theory by inventing rubbish hypothesis. It is their trick (from the Laal-Kitab) to divert attention from the main issue.

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