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Temporary Post: Calling Oldtimer


This is a temporary post. I will delete it as soon as it serves the purpose. Dear Mr Oldtimer: Please reply to the comment by Rajkamal on the post Open Thread: Comment Policy. Mr Rajkamal charges that I am adding comments under the pseudonym “Oldtimer”. Please do show that you are a real person. Thank you.

  • kautilya

    not too sure this rajkamal or whoever he is deserves this kinda respect.
    ignore this moron..
    he is on kaangress payroll.. after every comment he goes and thoks a salaam at his almighty goddess :)

  • Oldtimer

    I tried to send my kind regards to Rajkamal, but the email is bouncing. Are they calling a strike at JNU?

  • Sudipta Chatterjee

    The point is, you still cannot prove that Atanu and Oldtimer aren’t the same person! :) We need crypto certificates.

  • Atanu Dey

    I sent mail to and it bounced. So this rajkamal guy is a troll. The comments he or she has already made stands but any other comments by rajkamal or anyone supporting rajkamal anonymously I will delete.

    Good riddance of bad rubbish.

  • rajkamal

    this is to be deleted of course :)

    nice to see all’s well in chaddiland again.
    but how did oldtimer get my “jnu address”? :)

  • Chandra

    I think this ancient Internet adage says it all:

  • kautilya

    all’s well in lal-chadi land dear ? :)

  • Akshar


    I really dont think Rajkamal deserves so much respect. These jhollawallahs are good at discrediting a carefully put theory by inventing rubbish hypothesis. It is their trick (from the Laal-Kitab) to divert attention from the main issue.