Atanu Dey On India's Development

February 11, 2008
by Atanu Dey

Basant Panchami

Saraswati puja is done on Basant Panchami — which is the fifth day of the start of spring (Basant). Traditionally people fly kites and wear something yellow. I did not know that today was Saraswati Puja until my sister called … Continue reading

September 29, 2006
by Atanu Dey


Today is the first of the five days of Puja, the worship of the goddess Bengalis call Ma Durga. Oct 2nd is Vijaya Dashami, the day the Puja (worship) ends. As children, we are told that Durga comes with her … Continue reading

January 1, 2006
by Atanu Dey

Happy New Year 2006

Well, the year is new. And so are the resolutions. I will write more regularly on my blog is the only resolution I made this year. Happy New Year.

October 31, 2005
by Atanu Dey

Happy Diwali

Asato ma sat gamaya Tamaso ma jyotir gamaya Mrityur ma amritam gamaya Lead me from illusion to the Truth Lead me from darkness to Light Lead me from death to Immortality from the Brihadaranya Upanishad.