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What’s the connection between Aadhar and the Ford Foundation?


Every day in every which way, Kejriwal figures out a new drama to be in the media spotlight. It seems to me that he is not acting alone — and by that I don’t mean that he does not have a bunch of very able sidekicks. He certainly has visible support. What concerns me is the invisible support. Are invisible hands guiding him? Here’s what I got in a forwarded email. I cannot vouch for its content. You be the judge. I am just posting it for the record. The original was in Hindi and I asked a friend (Thanks, Amit) to translate it into English.

Sub: 10lakh people called from America for Kejriwal, what was the contribution of Aadhar card in this and how did the data reach America? Is Aadhar card an American conspiracy?
Another explosive post that bares open the mystery behind Kejriwal . . . Friends, please read it, share it or copy paste it but do publicize this important information . . . A deep conspiracy is being hatched to enslave this country . . . Is America seeing Arvind Kejriwal as a useful tool, just like it saw Imran Khan in Pakistan?

To understand this, one has to look at Arvind’s background. Not just Kabir, Shimrit Li and Ford foundation but even some Indian industrialists are also involved in this effort. Gradually one thing is leading to another and the picture is evolving. Suddenly there is talk of looking at the political activities of Ford foundation in not just India but whole of Asia. It is identified as an American entity.

Kavita N Ramdas is the head of Ford foundation in South Asia. She is the eldest daughter of Admiral Ramdas. Admiral Ramdas is Arvind Kejriwal’s godfather. Admiral Ramdas was with Arvind Kejriwal even at the time of his nomination. Admiral Ramdas’ wife Leela Ramdas was made the chief of committee constituted under the Vishakha guideline. Ramdas is also a recipient of Magsaysay Award. The question therefore arises – is the Ramdas family helping Arvind Kejriwal on the instructions of Ford foundation?

Ford’s involvement in the politics of Asia can also be understood by this another example. Gauhar Rizvi, an ex office bearer of Ford foundation, now works as advisor to the Bangladeshi Prime Minister. Not just Kabir, Shimrit Li and Ford foundation but even some Indian industrialists are also involved in this effort.

Mr Narayan Murthy, Infosys Chief and member of Ford foundation, had also provided financial assistance of INR 25lac each year in 2008-2009 to Arvind Kejriwal’s organization. In 2010 when Shimrit joined Kabir, Narayan Murthy increased the assistance to 37lakh from 25lakh earlier. Not just this, Balkrishna a former senior employee of Infosys too joined the Aam Admi Party.

Nandan Nilekani is also linked with Infosys. Nilekani is also the chief of ‘biometric aadhar’ project. As soon as Kejriwal formed government in Delhi, he initiated steps to make Aadhar mandatory. One can understand Aadhar and Nandan as follows. As per information, a NewYork based company MongoDB gets associated with Nandan Nilekani’s Aadhar. This company is assigned the job of preparing the database of Indian citizens. On further enquiry on MongoDB, many startling revelations come forth.

A company called In-Q-Tel is invested in MongoDB. In-Q-Tel is the venture capital arm of CIA. Now it is important to see the link between Nandan Nilekani and Delhi elections. During Delhi elections, there were about 1Mn phone calls from America to India. It is said that they were all in support of Aam Admi party. But this raises several questions.

First question, were these phone calls made by India citizens overseas or an American agency? Second question, how did people in America get access to so many phone numbers from Delhi? This is where Nandan Nilekani’s role comes under suspicion. Actually the Aadhar project that Nandan heads makes phone numbers mandatory. Only someone like Nandan Nilekani would have access to such a large database of numbers. And this is the reason why Kejriwal’s Delhi government is asking for Aadhar numbers. When the SC has ruled making Aadhar a non-madatory requirement, then why is Kejriwal’s government asking for Aadhar numbers? After all what is his compulsion? This compulsion can be understood by the relations between Infosys Chief and Ford foundation. (This report of Rakesh Singh is full of fact based journalism).

That’s it. I don’t know what is going on. Is this some loony conspiracy theory? Could be. If you know, please post a comment. Thanks.

  • Pen

    I want corruption free country. But country should not be disintegrate for that.

  • Loknath Rao

    Allow me to post this link on my facebook page

    • Loknath Rao

      Ford Foundation gave 400K USD, in lots of 200K USD each in 2009 and 2011 to Farziwal’s Association for Democratic Reforms. There are friends of Madam Maino in Ford Foundation.

  • Mahesh Sreekandath

    When we elect monkeys we get a banana republic, when we continue to celebrate the political party which passed the 42nd amendment we continue to get lawlessness, we elected a Keynesian to PM’s office and we got crony capitalism.

    Seems like Indian electorate gets what it deserves but not what it wants, one silver lining is the relatively free press and a comparatively sane judiciary. Sometimes i think i was better off when i was not thinking about these observations, ignorance is bliss.

  • sudarshang

    This is a loony conspiracy theory. Kind of interesting that the right wing in India seems to come up with these ludicrous theories just like the right wing in the USA.

    The phone calls were all done by Indian volunteers. Tech volunteers (mostly in the US) built a website where AAP volunteers in Delhi would add phone numbers of people who needed to be reached out. NRIs from just about every country in the world called people in Delhi. Some of us made over 100 calls a night.

    I guess the right wing loonies cannot imagine that volunteers would selflessly spend so much time on a cause without the “right” incentives and keep coming up with such laughable theories.

    • Pen

      What if this is true?
      What if SWARAJ(untested) idea fail on national level?
      Why AAP is in hurry for PM-post?
      I don’t want my country running by untested idea.

    • Pen

      This time vote for NaMo, next time AK. This is my view.

    • Utsav

      Funding of Kabir by Ford Foundation is a hard fact and so is the fact that CIA uses Ford foundation to destabilize non favourable govts. You people have been fooled by the Western mainstream media which is purely a mouthpiece of US govt.

  • Loknath Rao

    I am copy pasting what I wrote elsewhere

    Ford Foundation: Who do they give money to and why. ? Check their database.

    Association for Democratic Reforms, a body in India run by Shri Arvind Kejriwal, was given 400KUSD, in lots of 200K USD each in 2009 and 2011. Seems like Madam M saw long before the need to create some entity to distort public perception of NaMO. One member of Ford Foundation is a an self proclaimed admirer of Madam M and called the latter the most humane lady he ever met. Conspiracy or no conspiracy, somethings cannot be hidden. Some people simply think the juntaa is chutia.

    Some more facts. All PUBLICLY available ..Holy inbreeding ?

    National Foundation of India, (of which Dr. Manmohan Singh is a board member and trustee)- Grant 900K USD – 2011

    Tata Institure of Social Science (of which Ratan Tata is a trustee). Ratan Tata is also a trustee of National Foundation of India. – Grant – 175K USD (why would Rata Tata need a grant of 175K USD !!!!!) – 2010

    Center for Budget and Governance Accountability of which Amitabh Behar is a trustee. Amitabh Behar is also a trustee of National Foundation of India. – Grant- 325K USD – 2011, 350K USD – 2009

    Questions arise.

    Who is this National Foundation of India ? and what is their objective ?

    Why did Ford Foundation Fund the money to same set of people ? again and again. 900K is a very high award coming from Ford Foundation!.

    Why did Ford foundation give so away so much money between 2009 and 2011 to institutions based in India alone ?.

    Why would Ratan Tata accept a grant of MERE 175000 USD when he is the founder of TISS and several other institutions with several millions donated earlier by Tata Sons?

    • Sumedh Wale

      Oh, and you conveniently skipped IITs and IIMs:

      So then it means that all IITs and IIMs and their students are CIA agents, no?

      • Sekhars

        yes at times they want to buy any thing they can. They have influence over IIT -as most IItians wants to immigrate to US. Look if you have a lot of money you spend on many things. IIT’s are very important to gain access to by a foreign foundation. Ford foundation can help many in US alone as there are many people who are dying for no healthcare and hunger but why asia and developing countries ? because this is Imperialism ? Read James Petras book ”
        Globalization Unmasked: Imperialism in the 21st Century

        • Sumedh

          So then there is no hope and entire country has CIA agents only by that level of logic. Now unfortunately Modi is also sold out to CIA because Geer foundation and many others headed by Modi are also partly funded by Ford Foundation in some way or other (page 40):
          Pretty much every state govt has had a project funded partly by Ford and other such agencies.

          But silliness galore: Why just Ford, it is pretty easy to show such connection between UNESCO and other UN organizations & CIA, so consequently all Govt organizations are sold out.

          Okay, then lets go to next “logical” step. All MNCs, companies in FDIs etc have actually some or other link to US Govt. Which then means that entire economic policy has sold the country to CIA.

          Btw, it was not a question rather pointing to the stupidity of the comment. Foreign organizations, companies have been investing money & funding all kinds of activities for very long. It does not prove anything related to “CIA agent” rumour industry.

          That globalization is dangerous is a completely different ideological discussion. It has nothing to do with Modi is CIA agent, AK is CIA agent etc. Factually while some of its arguments have some merit, most of its arguments are the old respun ones from Marx/Lenin. Not to say latter is not valid. Of course, there are valid points all around and there are theoretical weaknesses to be found in all but practise is what matters more.

          • Sekhars

            LOOK TRUTH HURTS ? But it is a fact I am not making it up. You mentioned IIT. Major beneficiary of IIT is US as these people go there to work- almost 30% of them work for US -trained on Indian tax payer funded institution and US foundation have inherit interest in doing such a funding which is peanut.

            Most MNC have inherent interest in about their shareholders only nothing else. Most people even in US are modern day slave to big corporations and will never come out of this rat race. (occupy wall street was based on this fact)

            Having said that they are CIA agent is not correct entirely but global Imperialism is a main threat to developing world. Ford and Rockefeller foundations are in business of keeping leftist agenda alive in developing world and in return they de-stabilize and under mine other’s identity. If you read James Petras book yo would understand.

            Look you are free to decide what is correct for you. I have lived in US for 18 years and grew in India for first 27 years and spending over 25+ years in Indian and US universities including Ivy league and this is how I feel.

            I am not trying to change your thought process but just clarifying

          • Sumedh

            What makes you think I am hurt in anyway? And all these TRUTHS I am well aware of.

            Its not just IITs and IIMs. There are plenty other institutes in India — check their site which publicly lists them.

            > Most MNC have inherent interest in about their shareholders only nothing else.

            If that is all you know about MNCs then it is very naive. Plenty many MNCs have deep ties with US Govts etc. Its easy to pull out and build a story on how XYZ MNC is CIA agent and has those interests as well by this level of logic.

            > Most people even in US are modern day slave to big corporations and will never come out of this rat race.

            Which is a COMPLETELY different issue. The lack of seeing clearly what is what is the problem. Mix everything up, create a combo mixture, stir, and then say all these are CIA or whatever is a completely foolish approach.

            > If you read James Petras book yo would understand.

            And I have read plenty many others too to understand.

            > Ford and Rockefeller foundations are in business of keeping leftist agenda alive in developing world

            Dynamics of those things are COMPLETELY different. CIA and other agencies take advantage of all these foundations and other Governments themselves in complex ways. This is the way world works. There are plenty of books/articles on how US and other agencies manipulate Govts including Indian, for example, (including NDA or whoever is in power).

            IITs/IIMs or other Govt agencies like Geer, or NGOs have nothing to do with all this. They are not even specks in their space and no one in their right minds would or could use them for anything. For serious discussion, start with digging into what projects were actually funded. Then talk about how that relates to whatever you are trying to insinuate. Though I will say if the level of logic used here is used, then anything can be claimed.

            If you think these agencies depend on these puny donations from foundations to do anything substantial, then again I must say you are very naive. And this is true not just of CIA but Indian agencies too who do all kinds of manipulations (though much smaller scale obviously) directly and indirectly in Governments. These foundations don’t even remotely figure in their plan of action.

            Some NGOs are used by religious orgs, Church etc to spread their viewpoint indirectly which is another matter.

            Sorry to say this article is stupid as is the first comment in this thread. It is only propaganda material, conspiracy theories (which falls in level of “urban legends”).

          • Sumedh

            Silliest of all was that they dragged in MongoDB of all into this!! Poor MongoDB is just a distributed database which is used to store data. It is even FREELY AVAILABLE OPEN SOURCE project which Aadhar has used. Its use has absolutely ZERO to do with MongoDB developers since its just a database product — all data entry is done in India only. Its like saying people are using Windows on their desktops so all of them are linked to Microsoft.

            While Aadhar may have plenty of other issues, this one is a joke.

  • Tejpal

    Good project, keep it up and expose his links as much as u can, at least till elections are over.

  • Yashaswi Tiwari Bhatt

    Dear All, several NGOs and organisations were funded by ford foundation not only kabbir But…….On page 40 of Ford Foundation annual 2002 report, there will be a declaration of grant to Gujarat Ecological Educational & Research (GEER) foundation. What is GEER? See their website.Quite interestingly, the chairman of GEER foundation is the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Ford Foundation had funded GEER in 2002, when Mr. Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat and the Chairman of GEER. The grant was for $ 122,000, But that is not all. On page 85 of the Ford Foundation list of grantees (see the ford foundation list above), there is another recipient of their grant, the Gujarat Institute of Development Research (GIDR). The grant was for $197,759, The Financial advisor to GIDR is none other than the Department of Education, Government of Gujarat, Gandhinagar.

    So Mr. Modi, his Government and the BJP are happy to take $$$ from Ford foundation but accuse AAP which has not taken one penny from Ford or any other foreign donors

    • Sekhars

      Yes Ford foundation has tried many time to buy Modi and many other organizations but Modi has declined many of their request once they realized that they do not want to follow what Ford wants to do with them.

      Ford foundation is also sponsoring ADR(India’s Association of Democratic Reforms and provided them $200,000.00 which is the biggest watchdogs over the election, vote and political party). Ford foundation tries their best to influence each and every part of India and at times they succeed and many times they are not. Modi has no association since 2002 as he didn’t follow any direction Ford foundation wanted in return.

      Modi only became Chief Minister in November 2001 and when he realized what is happening he has no indulge in money by Ford