Atanu Dey On India's Development


  1. Someone threatened you then ?

  2. Atanu,
    I would like if you give your opinion about PMC(Private Military Company).
    This is certainly a growing business and in the future we are going to see big military corporations which may work independently or augment the government. Will that leave the concept of National Army redundant ?
    It would be great to have your analysis.

    • Sorry but I have never heard nor read anything about PMC. Reference?


        Wiki has a nice page on it.
        I was thinking that where does private military figure in a liberal economic worldview. Given that people should be free to create a mutually agreeable contract to work their way out in a free market, should the same rule apply in matters of private military company.

        Suppose a country goes to the extreme and disbands the national army totally and outsources the military work to private companies. Isn’t this some of those area where a free market should not be applied?

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