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Hello from Brussels


"Fonske" the boy, studing and pouring beer on this brains (Stella Artois beer)


This is to let all who care about my personal stuff that I arrived in Brussels this morning and I am now in the neighboring city of Leuven.

The picture on the right is known as “Fonske” shortened from the Latin Fons Sapientiae meaning “fountain of wisdom”. It shows a university student — Leuven is a university town — reading a book and knowledge flowing into his brain like water.

That picture is from the last time I was here in October visiting my friend Yoga. Then I was on my way from Mumbai to San Jose; now I am on my way back to India. A brief three-day stopover and then on to Mumbai. I am looking forward to visiting with friends and family in India. See you there if you are around. Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.


  1. Sir,

    If you have some time to spare while in Brussels, do visit the Marie-Jose Park. Besides beautiful gardens and ponds teeming with life, there’s an imposing statue of Mahatma Gandhi as well…

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