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Up Yours, Mr Kapil Sibal


I am forced to put this one on my blog because Kapil Sibal would like to censor this kind of stuff. He wants to control what we see, hear, and read on the internet. Mr Sibal, up yours.

Manmohan Singh the Medical Miracle

Courtesy of Kapil Sibal


  1. Atanu,

    Allow me to mass forward the images. No copyright will be granted though :-). Once I am a bit free I will load some videos on youtube too

  2. I think MMS will make a good case study for cloud computing proponents for selling the next generation brain hosting on demand, walk on demand, sit on demand, work on demand, sign on demand, poo on demand… without the need for costly well-trained and well protected brains who cant deliver all the time.


    “Are you carrying your Brains to work today”

    Call 1-800-BRAINS

  3. Fundabulous!
    I am mass mailing this one :)

  4. Copied and shared..Thanks AD :)

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