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Getting Back to the SF Bay area


Today afternoon, I am leaving Chicago for the SF Bay area. My travels, which began on 11th October, are almost over. Saturday I will drive to Los Angeles and return on Monday Dec 5th. That is when I will finally be home. It’s been a very very long journey and I am aching to be back in Santa Clara. Happy travels to me!


  1. Welcome back to the sunny bay area!

  2. Welcome back!

    I thought you live in Berkeley.
    Did you move to Santa Clara?

  3. Thank you, SV. Thank you, vip. I live in the South Bay (in Santa Clara) and Berkeley is in the East Bay. It is easy enough to go up and down, and I have friends in both areas.

  4. Atanu,
    While in the bay area, do you participate in any meetups/talks/etc?

  5. Atanu,
    I live in Santa Clara too. We should meetup sometime!

    Lets plan a meetup sometime through email.

  6. :) I am sure u meet them. I was wondering if you had any planned appearances at any public meetings/conferences.

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