Atanu Dey On India's Development

Railway Track Replacement Machine in Action


Many of you know that I believe that the backbone of India’s transportation system has to be rail-based. I love trains and continue to marvel at how amazing railroads are. This post is about how amazing are the machines that lay, repair and replace railroad tracks in advanced industrialized countries (and I suppose nowadays in China.)

It must be the mechanical engineer in me which finds railways fascinating. I am amazed but I realize that your level of excitement may well be different. You could just yawn and move on. I am amazed at this video of a track replacement machine (link will open in a new tab or window.)

Human ingenuity demonstrated at a level that we can marvel at. Of course machines that make those ICs and other high technology stuff must be even more amazing but appreciating them would require quite a bit more sophistication than is available to the average human–or even the average human senses. But what we see in that huge machine is more accessible to us.

Next time I will share more videos on the same topic. Leave some of your favorites in the comments. I am sure kids will love them since they find heavy equipment fascinating.