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What’s been happening


This is a quick update on what’s going on. The Takshashila Roundtable in Hyderabad was a successful event. I had a few dozen pre-publication copies of “Rescuing India: The Transformation of a Nation by 2040″. That’s the first book to be published by “Not a Big Fat Book Press”, authored by yours truly.

It will be available in English, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Bengali and Hindi. I am looking for a Hindi translator. I appreciate any pointers.

Today is going to be a busy day. Lots of stuff to do before I leave tonight for California. The last open thread has lots of comments which I need to address but they will have to wait till I am back home.

In the meanwhile, I suggest “On Being an Armchair Intellectual ” as a quick read. Also, check out “Aping for Fun and Profit.

That’s it for now. If I get internet access at Zurich airport, I will write.

  • Kedar

    Can you please change “Telegu” to “Telugu”? Hopefully, its just a typo :)

  • Atanu Dey


    Thanks. I have made the change. Sorry for the typo.


  • Omkar Darvekar

    Well, I am ready to volunteer for a Marathi translation.

  • Patrix

    Do you have a eBook or a PDF version available for readers who cannot get their hands on the paper version? I would be interested :)

    • Atanu Dey


      Yes, we will also make soft copies available. Thanks.

  • Girish

    Malayalam version too ?

    • Atanu Dey


      Yes we will have a Malayalam version. Tamil too.

  • SV

    I hope there will be an electronic version of the book. Otherwise, will it be available in the US?

  • raj

    Why don’t you also try to self publish it via amazon kindly store? Will benefit your readers in US.

  • Pankaj Narula

    Would love to do the Hindi translation. If it is okay I might be able to crowd source among my Hindi-blog-publishing network of friends for a faster turn around. – Pankaj

  • Atanu Dey


    Marathi translation would be wonderful. Thank you. I will get in touch.


    Yes, we will have a downloadable PDF version also.


    Yes, of course. It will be great if we could get a quick Hindi version.

    Thank you all.

  • sumitreddy711

    Atanu and friends,
    Can wikipedia be wrong about Rahul Gandhi? Just see the link below and check out the company he shares in the list.

  • Hemant Joshi

    I would like to volunteer for a Marathi translation.

    • Atanu Dey


      Thank you for the offer to do the Marathi translation. I will get back to you.

  • jjreddick

    Atanu, do you participate in any public meetings or such while in California?

  • Akhil


    Why not a Kannada version too? :)
    It may not sell too many copies, but as you know well enough, we must do all we can to promote scholarship in our own languages, if India has to truly emerge as a reasonably developed country. Dont you think?

  • Abhishek

    Have you already got someone for Hindi translation? If not, I can try.