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In Dubai on my way to SFO


Left Mumbai at 4:30 AM on Emirates. Now I am at Dubai after a short 3 hour flight. The next leg will be rough — 16 hours to SFO. I hate flying economy. Anyhow, I guess I will survive. Right now I am sleepy, tired, and wondering why on earth I decided to fly Emirates.

  • skljdlksdj

    emirates is the safest airline….wink wink

  • pravesh


    Flying to SFO is always a pain (coach or no coach). I prefer taking an AA flight to Chicago and then domestic to SFO/San Jose.


  • larissa

    The last time I flew Emirates air (in the eighties) it was a very luxurioius airlines–these people have plenty of oil $$ so they were not running the airlines for profit but for show it seemed to me back then. Probably that is changed now. The last time I was on it, they served champagne and good meals even in economy class which resembled more business class in other airlines….But perhaps that has changed now!

  • dodo

    Emirates is probably the best bet if you are flying Economy! BTW, the service is much better ( better quality wine) in the Duba-SFO leg than in the Mumbai-Dubai leg.

  • Jan Krol

    why does a successful ‘for-the-poor-people person’ hate to fly second class and why is that similar to successful bankers?

    by the way – Atanu – on my blog I copied a part of your blog into the post: “Investment research concludes: First Debug the Child” disappeared already in the May Archive”. You might want to have a look:

  • Atanu Dey

    Hi Jan:

    I don’t know who you are referring to as the “for-the-poor-people” in your comment. Do tell.

    About the “disappeared already in May” — what disappeared?

  • Atanu Dey

    Hi Pravesh:

    I have never thought about arriving in Chicago. The next time I will check it out. Thanks.

  • Atanu Dey


    I had heard a lot about Emirates and decided to check them out. The service was nothing to write home about. The inflight entertainment system in coach was good (although I don’t generally end up using those.)

  • Soniya

    Hi Atanu,
    Are you going to make a stop at Pittsburgh during your road trip? I would love to meet up with you if you have time.

  • kautilya

    Hi Atanu,

    Is Chicago on your list?