Atanu Dey On India's Development

Google and the Indic Web

Google says it is building the Indic web. Now they support transliteration in 5 languages — Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu. I checked out their automatic English to Hindi translation. I typed “What is your name” and got back “kya aapkay naam” — not terribly impressive.


  1. Hi Atanu

    For knowing the state of the art in English to Indian language translation, check out the Shakti system of IIIT (my almamater).

  2. Seems like they’ve fixed that particular bug – I tried the same “What is your name?” and got the correct translation, but it failed when I tried another sentence in English.

  3. Heh – their translator is culturally optimized. I typed in “eat sh*t and die”. It translated it as “khaane aur marne paakhana” :-)

  4. When James Bond movies were first presented with desified dialogues in India , any scene where Bond took a woman to bed , the standard dialogue would be :

    Chalo, hum suhaag raat manayenge:)