Atanu Dey On India's Development

December 31, 2007
by Atanu Dey

Cargo for Pakistan

I have previously observed here that India has what I call a “cargo cult democracy.” In India’s neighborhood that is not a distinction. The entire Indian subcontinent suffers from that malady. The short version is that around here democracy as … Continue reading

December 22, 2007
by Atanu Dey

It’s not just in India

Mike Huckabee is a potential Republican nominee for the US presidential elections next November. “Who’s your favorite author?” asked 7-year old Aleya Deatsch. Huckabee said it was Dr Seuss. That surprised her because she thought that someone grownup should be … Continue reading

December 15, 2007
by Atanu Dey

A peek at the archive

I was reviewing stuff on my blog from way-back-when and came across a post “Education for a Nation” from October 2003. The post has aged well. Not bad at all.