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PanIIT’s “Reach 4 India”

Today I was favored with an email from the PanIIT alumni organization. The subject of the email was “Required for IIT alumni Reach 4 India! organisation” and the text was about their search for a “Chief Operations Sevak” and a “Chief Finance & Funding Sevak.”


I wrote back promptly asking if among the illustrious alumni of the much celebrated IITs there wasn’t someone who knew the distinction between the numeral “4” and the word “for”? Methinks their reach exceeds their grasp.

[I have written previously about PanIIT here: Inspire, Involve, and Transform — Part 1, and Part 2.]


  1. Here’s another organization that does not seem to understand the difference between the number “4” and the English word “for”. This time it’s a European NGO.


  2. This is the latest SMS/Mobile and IM/Chat writing squad.

    I have started seeing this kind of writing in e-mails and even in some half-official writings.

    In some time, the university essay will be a shorthand of the English language.

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