Atanu Dey On India's Development

  • apu

    Thanks for the link. It was truly food for thought.

  • Sriram

    Great read. It was certainly a highlight for my day. It indeed make me wonder.

    Many many thanks for posting this article…or I would have never read it and I wouldn’t be making the movie “Koyaanisqatsi” a “things to see ASAP” (never heard of it till now).

    It just makes me glad once more that I am an ardent follower of this blog.

  • avinash

    really good read…i’ve been a passer-by many a times…have stopped to get a ear-ful..and never paid..embarassed to pay less..not having the heart to pay more…i walk on..

    you should probably drop your tag of a credible economist (i acknowledge that you’ve earned it, am not trying to belittle it), and write some of your thoughts incognito…and check if as many readers drop by, contributing their two paises:)..

  • Abhijit

    There was an interesting response to the above mentioned article here :

    Kind of takes apart the whole premise of “Pearls…”

  • Rakesh

    Was anyone expecting any different results? That would be strange, not this story.

  • Naveen Bachwani

    Thanks for sharing such a gem, Atanu! I was also inspired by the Charlie Munger account you’d reproduced…

    Keep blogging!