Atanu Dey On India's Development

Making Distinctions

Hauled from the archives, here is a bit on the distinction between information and knowledge. This is important because I think we are in an age of superfluous information (followup to that here.) Making distinctions aids comprehension and consequently the ability to efficiently effect change. I like to distinguish between economic growth and development because economic development is the goal and in many cases economic growth is the instrument for development.


  1. Thanks, Atanu… that cleared up things! :)

  2. I agree with the distinction you make between data, information, knowledge, understanding, wisdom and enlightenment. The last three are slightly nebulously defined, but there’s an interesting a hierarchy among those six concepts. Data encodes information — you extract the latter by processing the former. A similar relation exists between information and knowledge — you convert information into something you store in your brain. And so forth for the other four.

    So, technically, data in some sense contains the other five, assuming you have a computer (or brain) handy that can do all the required processing and storage.