Atanu Dey On India's Development


  1. I had seen a poster of this film in the Swaminarayan temple in Chicago two years back. I had forgotten the name of the movie completely and my search drew a blank. And what a coincidence that I find this on your blog today!

    I surely am waiting to watch this movie when it gets released in India.

  2. at present in india atdelhi to see the movie
    mystic india
    and short pre view see at check it please
    Jai swaminarayan

  3. I did see part of it. The name is deceptive, its more to do with BAPS organization and their guru.

    Atanu’s response: Thanks for the information, Pradeep. As it happens, I did check out their website and realized as much that it is a BAPS deal. But all the same, the movie must be worth watching. I wonder how long before we have a movie about SSRS by AOL.