Atanu Dey On India's Development

August 16, 2005
by Atanu Dey

Home, home again

In case you been wondering whatever happened to me — I am back home after wandering strange and exotic places. New Zealand and Singapore to be precise. Sorry for not keeping in touch for the past couple of weeks. There … Continue reading

August 5, 2005
by Atanu Dey
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The War on Terror

If you ever wanted a brief on what the proximate origins of the Islamic terrorism you see around the world are, Juan Cole’s Informed Comment has a must read item called Fisking the “War on Terror.” Go read it.

August 3, 2005
by Atanu Dey

Culture Matters

Economists conventionally list land, labor and capital as the three factors of production. If combined appropriately using the right technology, stuff is produced. This produced stuff is then the total income. Productive efficiency is important of course for a society … Continue reading